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Partner Article: Classic Car Emissions = A Return Flight From London To NY

Updated: Jul 10

Classic car emission comparison, less emission than a roundtrip flight from London to NewYork
Classic car emission comparison. Credit: Loop Agency

This is a partner article from October 2022 from a Net-Hero partner, The Classic Valuer.

What’s going on here?

Research out this week shows that driving a classic car produces the same emissions as a return flight from London to New York

Tell me more

Produced by UK based automotive communications agency, Loop, Quantifying Classic Car Emissions 2022 shows the environmental impact of utilising a classic car for a year - 641kg of CO2e. That’s less than a return flight from London to New York and only slightly more than having three lattes a day.

In context of the wider emissions landscape it means classic cars generate only 0.22% of all UK transport emissions.

Why should I care?

The future is under threat, logic wins out in the end. The logic on classic car emissions holds, and this is more evidence of it. Spread the word.

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