Understanding Carbon Offsetting

The role of high quality carbon credits is an essential tool to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. According to the Paris Agreement, the planet must reduce emissions quickly to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.

How can you help?

By calculating your carbon footprint with Net-Hero's carbon emissions calculator, you can quantify your vehicle's role in global warming. We are your trusted partner on the journey to carbon neutrality. Net-Hero buys and retires a highly rated carbon credit on your behalf, with each credit representing 1 ton of carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere and stored permanently, thereby neutralizing your vehicle's carbon footprint.

Our partnership with BeZero, a global ratings agency for the voluntary carbon market, allows us to select only the best projects from around the world and can guarantee that every credit you buy and withdraw is truly 1 ton Carbon dioxide is that which is withdrawn from the atmosphere. The projects have to be real, they have to offer additionality, they have to be verifiable and they have to be durable.

How Offsetting Works


Emissions are generated

From our day-to-day activities including driving and more

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Credits are purchased

Emissions are calculated and credits are purchased for retiring


Projects are funded

Such as carbon capture or clean energy generation or reforestation and more


Vehicle is carbon neutral

Credits are retired and your vehicle is now carbon neutral for offset distance

Buying a voluntary carbon credit provides an impactful way to compensate for your vehicle's emission.

Your purchase of a voluntary carbon credit creates a direct connection to real projects around the world that are changing lives and reversing nature loss while at the same time advancing both climate and sustainability targets.

The nature-based credits that a project issues can provide life changing incomes to rural communities which transform their natural assets, such as a forest, into a revenue generating asset.

This also creates a revenue stream which enables a project to plan with certainty into the future and transform the scale of the investment, therefore contributing to the project's enduring efforts and its permanence.

How Does Net-Hero Offsetting Work

Offsetting with Net-Hero follows the same fundamentals as above.

How do we make sure our projects are of the highest quality? We have partnered with one of the leading ratings agencies for the carbon market - BeZero Carbon.

They make sure all of our projects are of the highest possible standard. In fact, offsetting with Net-Hero's portfolio is the highest possible level of quality:


And what's more £1 from every tonne offset goes to our chosen charities respectively

The story of supported projects

The below is a sample of the projects supported, even more exist

Chudu Afforestation Project (AA+)
The project has planted 36,500ha of new forest on lands at risk of desertification in the Henan Province of China. Trees are a vital natural carbon sink, holding 45% of all land carbon globally. The project area is of poor ecological value and the planting of new trees has stopped encroaching desertification.

The project activity has had a significant effect on the local, rural economy providing 33,000 jobs for local villagers, including 23,000 women.

Katingan Mentaya Peatland Restoration (AAA-)
The project restores and protects peatlands from the encroachment of slash and burn agriculture and palm plantations. Peatlands are a vital terrestrial carbon store – despite only covering 3% of the world’s land surface, they hold 30% of the land’s carbon. Over the 60 year life of the project, it’s expected to prevent the release of 447,110,760 tonnes of CO2.

Over 500 people, from 34 villages in the surrounding area, are directly employed by the Katingan Mentaya project. 100% of the project staff are Indonesian and 80% are local community members, embedding the project in local culture, and providing a living network for communication and learning.

‘Wester Coshieville’ in Rural Scotland (AAA)
Trees are a vital natural carbon sink, holding 45% of all land carbon globally. Revegetating the UK is a key part of the plan to meet net zero goals with planting rates expected to triple in coming years.

The Wester Coshieville project is a home to biodiversity and performs a variety of other crucial ecosystem services such as reducing soil erosion and managing water quality. The area has also been developed into an area of community education and recreation.

Prairie Pothole – Grassland Protection (AAA)
This project protects over 14,000 acres of native grasslands across the Great Plains. Millions of tonnes of CO2 are stored in plants and in the soil. By protecting this land from conversion to cropping, the release of the carbon from the soil is avoided.

The swampy lands around the Prairie Pothole project in Dakota are a rich ecological habitat. Home to nesting waterbirds and other biodiversity, the avoided conversion of this land is vital to maintaining increasingly scarce breeding grounds.

Aswan, Egypt - N2O Abatement (AAA)
Fertiliser production support Egypt’s agrarian economy but no regulations currently exist to control nitrous oxide, a by-product of fertiliser production with a global warming potential 300 times that of CO2.

The N2O and NOX Abatement Project at KIMA Fertilizer Plant in Aswan project funds abatement catalysts estimated to decompose 98% of N2O emissions produced - equivalent to 120,650 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum.

It takes less than 2 minutes to offset your emissions

BeZero’s credit portfolio achieves an AAA+ rating by retiring more than 1 offset credit per tCO2e claimed. The weighted average rating across the recommended portfolio by project is AAA-.

This portfolio is equivalent to 500 tCO2e based on BeZero’s project scores in our ratings framework; 662 credits will be purchased.