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Who You Are Helping

Acapa-BMF REDD+ Project


This project avoids the deforestation of the biologically diverse Choco-Darien bioregion located in Colombia. Forests in the project area are important both nationally and internationally for the ecosystem services they provide. Nevertheless, the forests are particularly vulnerable to illegal logging, which has dramatically reduced biomass in the region. Thus, the focus of the REDD+ project has been to address the issue of illegal timber extraction and other pressures on the forests.

The Mai Ndombe Redd+

Mai Ndombe

This project strives to protect 248,956 hectares of forest from unsustainable practices in western DRC. The project area is ecologically rich, home to many species and some of the world’s most important wetlands. However, it is particularly vulnerable to industrial logging, unsustainable fuel-wood extraction and slash-and-burn agriculture. Project activities will involve participatory community-based conservation initiatives which will help to reduce unsustainable land-use practices.

Envira Amazonia Project


This project aims to protect up to 200,000 ha of tropical rainforest in the Brazilian State of Acre. Conservation of the forest will mitigate the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, with the project aiming to generate greenhouse gas emission reductions of around 12.6 million tCO2e over the first 10 years. The large-scale project will protect the rich biodiversity and ecosystem services of the area. In addition, it seeks to generate opportunities for the local comunities to improve livelihoods.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

Rimba Raya

In recent years, forest coverage in Kalimantan has decreased drastically due to forest areas being cleared for agricultural use. This REDD+ project aims to preserve over 47,000 hectares of tropical peat swamp ecosystem on the coast of Kalimantan, reducing Indonesia’s emissions whilst protecting the integrity of the Tanjung Puting National Park. In the project’s absence, the peatland area would be converted to palm oil plantations by logging and systematic drainage of the peatland.

Katingan Peatland Restoration & Conservation


This project protects and restores 149,800 ha of peatland ecosystems in the Central Kalimantan Province. The project area covers one of Indonesia's largest peat swamp forests, aiming to reduce deforestation and degradation, implement habitat and ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conversation and increase economic opportunities for the local community. Restoration efforts are expected to avoid an annual 7,451,847 tCO2e in greenhouse gas emissions

The Savimbo Biodiversity Credit

The Savimbo

Located in the Putumayo region of the Colombian Amazon, The Savimbo biodiversity credits are designed to provide an immediate conservation economy to smallfarmers and Indigenous groups guarding primary forest with intact populations of rare or endangered animals.

Each credit represents one hectare, of 100% conserved biodiversity in a biodiversity hotspot for two months with photo or video evidence.

You’re enabling continuous protection from collaborating smallfarmers in a jaguar corridor. Forest, animals, water, and more.

"Savimbo is an Indigenous-led company that sells biodiversity credits direct from the Colombian Amazon.

We are reaching across space, time, and technology to make a digital handshake between the past and the future.

For every biodiversity credit you buy from us, a hectare of pristine ecosystem is protected with video proof of the apex predators inhabiting that system.

The harpy eagle, spectacled bear, and the traditional symbol of dominance - the jaguar.

We really appreciate the support of the classic-car community who understands what perfection means, and why we should preserve it"

- Drea Burbank, CEO Savimbo

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