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Bicester Heritage partners with NET-HERO for Flywheel

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Bicester Heritage partners with NET-HERO to deliver fully environmentally responsible Flywheel event for 17th and 18th June

Flywheel is a celebration of wings, wheels and motion for the whole family to enjoy.

Bicester Heritage has partnered with on-site specialist NET-HERO, part of historic leading rally organiser HERO-ERA, to offset the environmental impact of its ten-year celebratory event, Flywheel, on the 17th and 18th of June.

Bicester Heritage has pledged to donate 20 carbon credits, contributing towards the total CO2 emissions calculated from the operations and logistics provided on-site during the Flywheel event, which will then be used in two South American-based initiatives: The Acapa Bajo Mira y Frontera Project, avoiding deforestation in Colombia’s Choco-Darien Region and the Envira Amazonia Project, protecting up to 200,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in the Brazilian State of Acre.

The web-based NET-HERO app allows users to complete a three-step process which calculates the emissions from new and classic cars, before estimating their total carbon footprint. Users can then offset the environmental impact of their vehicle, or event, by contributing to global decarbonisation projects developed by BeZero Carbon via the NET-HERO basket.

This partnership celebrates the symbiosis between the classic car industry and future mobility, a nod to Bicester’s masterplan development that will establish the location as the past, present and future of motion in the UK, creating sustainable solutions for future generations to enjoy the Bicester Motion site.

Bicester Heritage strives to offset the impact of carbon emissions, through the support and promotion of the skills and businesses that are necessary to keep vehicles on the road, with classic cars having ‘paid’ for their emissions through their re-use and restoration – avoiding the need for the owner to obtain a new car.

Liz Pilling, Associate Director Events, Bicester Heritage comments:

“We are thrilled to announce we will be supporting NET-HERO in a partnership for Flywheel, on the 17th and 18th June, and beyond, this not only supports a Bicester-Heritage based specialist but also provides a sustainable solution for global initiatives that they are working to protect and preserve. Spurred on by the success of Flywheel, we are looking to implement greener practices for our entire events calendar moving forward.”

Dario Galli-Zugaro, Managing Director, NET-HERO adds:

“Our collaboration with Bicester Heritage showcases our dedication to financing the preservation of natural carbon sinks and at the same time achieving a diverse range of co-benefits, including biodiversity conservation and providing sustenance for indigenous populations. By supporting these initiatives, we strive to establish a balance and alleviate the burden on nature that an event centred around classic car and aviation activities may entail. This partnership will spread awareness about environmentally responsible solutions and emphasise the significance of climate contributions through the utilisation of high-quality carbon credits. Together, we are taking concrete steps towards restoring nature, ensuring the well-being of future generations.”
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