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Fuelling the future of classic car mobility

Coryton and HERO-ERA team up to sustainably fuel Rally for the Ages

Classic car motorists competing in the HERO-ERA Rally for the Ages event next month (June 3rd) are being invited to complete the course on sustainable fuel.

Marking a major milestone in historic motoring, drivers will be invited to top up their tanks ahead of the rally with a blend of SUSTAIN from fuel specialist Coryton.

SUSTAIN uses advanced second-generation biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste (such as straw by-products or waste from crops which wouldn’t be used for consumption). By doing so, the fuel utilises the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere (which the plants absorb as they grow), rather than releasing additional CO2 that is currently locked underground in fossil fuel.

The SUSTAIN fuel being used for Rally for the Ages has been developed specifically for use in vintage vehicles, with an octane number >98 and bio-ethanol content <1%. Available to all the teams competing free of charge, the fuel could deliver a reduction of more than 65% in greenhouse gas emissions during the rally, when compared to equivalent petrol.

David Richardson, Business Development Director at Coryton, said:

“Rally for the Ages promises to be a fantastic day out, celebrating classic car culture whilst embracing new and younger audiences, so it seems apt to be incorporating forward-thinking solutions within the event. We’re delighted to be providing a sustainable fuel for the competitors and can’t wait to see the teams in action.
“Through partnerships like this, we hope to highlight the role sustainable fuels can play in the future of this sector and show just how versatile they can be. Classic cars obviously have different requirements to more modern engines, but sustainable fuels don’t have to mean high ethanol content. Participants can rest assured that this fuel will work brilliantly in their classic vehicles, keeping them protected but with no lack of performance – and it can be mixed with regular fuel if that’s already in their tank. With the right expertise and experience, you can create greener fuels for all manner of engines and requirements, allowing us to make the most of our entire fleet, past and present.”

Rally for the Ages will be held on 3rd June 2023 to attract younger people into historic motor sport whilst encouraging environmentally responsible driving. Alongside the offer of SUSTAIN fuel, HERO-ERA’s Arrive & Drive fleet of classic rally cars will also be available to hire on the day. Any remaining emissions from the event will also be offset through the company’s Net-Hero carbon offset programme. Held at the epicentre of historic motoring, Bicester Heritage, the rally hopes to encourage new and younger drivers to explore the sport.

Dario Galli-Zugaro, Managing Director Net-Hero added;

“Net-Hero prides itself as a leader in sustainable initiatives and we are honoured in the facilitating of this momentous partnership between Coryton, leader in advanced biofuels, and HERO-ERA. Rally for the Ages is truly a carbon neutral event. In an industry first approach, emissions from each participating vehicle have been meticulously calculated, ensuring transparency and accountability. As for any of the emissions beyond the scope of Coryton's advanced biofuel, Net-Hero's state-of-the-art offset platform will seamlessly neutralise the environmental impact. This ground-breaking collaboration demonstrates the power of innovation and collective action in the fight against climate change.”
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