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16 nationalities and 51 vehicles converge in Peru for a totally carbon neutral adventure

  • *11,500 km Lima to Cape Horn adventure will offset all vehicle emissions through NET-HERO

  • *From Peru, via Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Patagonia, the destination is the last city at the end of the earth - Ushuaia (Lima Cape Horn, October 22nd – November 19th )

43 historic rally vehicles and eight support cars with crews from 16 countries around the world, will converge in Lima to start their attempt to reach Ushuaia in 28 days across some of the most spectacular and precious landscapes in the world, content in the knowledge that all their exhaust emissions for the trip will be offset through a NET-HERO carbon credit programme.

HERO-ERA, the world’s foremost historic rally events company, are a totally carbon neutral

company, including all their international events, and are dedicated to their policy of

‘Environmentally Responsible Driving.’

NET-HERO’s AAA+ rated carbon credit program helps motorists offset internal combustion engines by calculating the exact emissions their vehicles produce. Whether the vehicle of choice is a 1935 Aston Martin or a 2020 Range Rover, users can offset the environmental cost of their driving and play their part in addressing the challenges to achieve carbon neutral targets. In association with NET-HERO, BeZero, a Carbon climate solutions business, developed an innovative carbon foot printing framework to quantify the impact of modern & classic cars; and designed a custom AAA+ BeZero-rated offset basket. Buying a voluntary carbon credit provides an impactful way to compensate for your vehicle's emission.

Your purchase of a voluntary carbon credit creates a direct connection to real projects around the world that are changing lives and reversing nature loss while at the same time advancing both climate and sustainability targets.

The nature-based credits that a project issues can provide life changing incomes to rural

communities which transform their natural assets, such as a forest, into a revenue generating asset.

This also creates a revenue stream which enables a project to plan with certainty into the future and transform the scale of the investment, therefore contributing to the project's enduring efforts and its permanence.

HERO-ERA have successfully pursued this policy for the last two years offsetting both direct and

indirect company emissions, they have demonstrated though their own efforts in the UK and on

carbon neutral events around the world, that climate awareness can rapidly turn into climate action.

Crews from 16 countries around the world will converge in Lima from 20th October, they come from all over Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. International crews will be competing in a variety of cars from a 1935 Bentley Derby from Belgium, to a 1976 Mercedes 450 SLC from Germany. All the competitors actively consent to part of their entry fee going towards the carbon offset of their particular vehicle, in the interests of helping to preserve the environment.

For many, the culture, geography and scale of South America calls to the adventurous rally

competitor, from the coast of the fearsome Pacific to the heights of the mythical Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, and their 8900 km length will host much of the 11,500 km route of the Lima to Cape Horn, a route that will rise to heights of over 3500 metres.

There are also the breath-taking plains of Patagonia and the salt flats of Bolivia and a descent

through Chile, a country that contains the formidable Atacama Desert, the driest non-polar desert in the world, although for the adventurers it is at this point of the journey where the temperatures will begin to drop. They then head further south and ultimately to Ushuaia at the southern most tip of South America. Next stop; Antarctica.

For every part of this incredible journey, the 86 competitors and 25 staff from HERO-ERA will not just savour the adventure, but will be satisfied that they are ‘Environmentally Responsible Drivers.’

Dario Galli-Zugaro, Managing Director NET-HERO commented; “HERO-ERA is a leader in

environmentally responsible business practices and setting a very high standard not only for the

automotive industry but for all business. Hopefully motoring events and motorists at large will

partner with us in helping us tackle perhaps one of the biggest challenges humanity has faced:

climate change.”

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