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Even though there are no tailpipe emissions generated by an EV...

Embedded Production Emission for EV’s

A critical assessment begins with production emissions generated. According to the International Energy Agency, manufacturing a modern gasoline car emits approximately 10.8 tonnes of CO2. For an EV equipped with a 60 kWh battery, this figure rises to around 15.6 tonnes. Conversely, producing a classic car historically generated about 5 tonnes of CO2. A significant portion of EV production emissions is attributable to battery manufacturing, which can contribute up to 70% of the total emissions due to the intensive mining and processing of rare earth metals like lithium, cobalt, and nickel.

The carbon footprint of lithium-ion batteries varies significantly based on the materials and energy sources used. Predominantly manufactured in China, where coal is a primary energy source, the CO2 emissions for producing an 80 kWh battery can range from 2,400 kg to 16,000 kg. Despite advancements in battery production aiming for more environmentally friendly methods, the current reality underscores a high carbon intensity.


For this reason we now offer a way to compensate an EV’s production carbon footprint.

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