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Calculate Your Business Carbon Footprint

Net-Hero offers business solutions via an effective three-step process to Measure, Manage and Mitigate your Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions


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Measuring your company's carbon footprint

This includes an in depth collection of data and calculation of your business' carbon footprint for a given calendar year. These include scope 1, scope 2 & scope 3 emissions data. Upon request we can also calculate the carbon footprint for events


Consult on ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Working together we will create tangible goals and initiatives to get your business where you need to be on the journey to net-zero and align your business with ESG mandates


Offset your emissions

Our state-of-the-art technology platform enables us to locate, purchase, trade and retire the world's highest quality carbon credits.

Each carbon credit contributes to high quality projects around the world, including afforestation, REDD+ projects, restoration of peatlands and blue carbon mangrove projects. This rating has been developed using a proprietary methodology for assessing the efficacy of certified carbon projects called the BeZero Carbon Rating. Using the most stringent verification standards, the teams of Net-Hero and BeZero Carbon have made it quick, simple, and affordable for business' to offset their emissions


Bringing clients 60+ years of experience

Net-Hero has a combined 60+ years of experience in carbon markets, financial markets and climate policy. This enables us to provide bespoke services beyond traditional offsetting methods, these includes bespoke carbon offset programs and portfolios tailored to your needs.

​As a viable and cost-effective means to reduce global emissions carbon trading is an ever-growing part of mitigating climate change.  

In alignment with Oxford principles of voluntary carbon offsets and BeZero ratings platform, Net-Hero creates portfolios of carbon credits not only for motorists, but for a wide array of industries and organisations.

Our mission is to drive our clients’ transition to a low-carbon economy by providing sophisticated risk management and high levels of transparency. Our state-of-the-art technology platform enables us to locate, purchase, trade and retire the world’s highest quality carbon credits.

Net-Hero is a registered member of the CBL Exchange, the world's leading spot exchange for ESG Commodity Markets. CBL is a global exchange platform for transacting energy and environmental commodity products such as carbon, renewable energy, water and natural gas.

We are also members of the Verra registry, the world's cornerstone for carbon credit projects verification and certification. We source only the highest-quality carbon credits, registered under internationally recognised standards This depth of experience will support our vision: to be the go-to place to offset any of your emissions.

We will support you in measuring, calculating and offsetting your emissions across multiple aspects of life and business in order to tackle the defining challenge of our generation. 

Net-Hero will become the go-to place to offset any of your emissions and we can't wait to support your on your own journey to net zero.

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